Join the South Lebanon Fire Department to help your community, gain new skills and also the personal satisfaction of saving lives.  We have positions to suit your abilities.  


Firefighter:  Train to save citizens lives during fires and other emergencies, protect property and bring calm to chaos during the most difficult times. We will train you, gear you up and get you ready for action in our area’s urban, industrial, suburban and farmland terrains.

Drivers: Transport firefighters and equipment safely to fire calls as a trained driver. Drivers are an important part of our volunteer team. 

Junior:  Teenagers who are 16 or 17 years old can learn about the fire service and provide assistance at a fire and at the firehouse.  The Cornwall Lebanon School District has allowed junior firefighters to use their service towards senior projects. Many junior firefighters become senior firefighters at age 18.

Contributing Member:  Showcase your skills and interests working on special projects, special events, or in an administrative role at the fire company. Tell us what you like to do, and we will point you toward a volunteer opportunity you will love!

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